Generally found in the swampy, marshy lands, Eupatorium purpureum, a.k.a.,Gravel root, Gravelweed, Joe-Pye Weed, Jopi Weed, Kidney Root, Queen-of-the-Meadow Root, and Trumpet Weed, is a root commonly worked to cure cysts, malaria, gout, fevers, arthritis and more. There is a folk belief that was used by Jopi or Joe-Pie (not sure of what tribe he […]

Sack and Sugar. Vinegar Tom. Pywwacket. Jamara. These are some of the names of some of the familiar spirits Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins wrote about in his book, The Discovery of Witches. He extracted confessions via torture (like all witchfinders) whether via sleep deprivation, bondage, physical/emotional abuse. He stripped accused witches naked to find the spot on […]

Spring is officially here! I am anxiously awaiting Nebraska-land to get the memo and warm up so I can plant my seeds. While I can’t heat up the earth and turn the frosts into the more palatable rains, I can trying envoking Filomez. Just look at this veve. Doesn’t it speak to you of spring […]

Cross-culturally the evil eye and how to thwart it have fascinated people for generations. So much can be conveyed with a glance, that it is unsurprising that our ancestors felt the need to protect against the evil that can emanate from the malevolent gaze of the envious. In some cultures, the evil eye is done unwittingly. In others,  one can […]

I watched Alien Planet today. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a study in the hypothetical. A bunch of scientists, physicists, biologists, et, all, come together and discuss what different types of life could be like on a planet that may or may not exist. It features at first some singular and multi-celled organisms, and […]

I started reading up on Datura when I began this blog. Ive grown moonflowers for years, but the moonflower I grow is the one related to the Morning Glory, the Ipomea alba. The Ipomea moonflower has a wonderful scent, makes a large white flower that only bloom at night, and is also related to sweet […]

Whether you call it clay, sand, soil, dust, earth, or dirt, the stuff that makes up the ground is an often overlooked,but a very important part of the Pagan/Magic folk community. If you are of the set that practices magic, then you see dirt as the cradle in which seeds of potential are sown, you […]

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