D is for Dirt

Whether you call it clay, sand, soil, dust, earth, or dirt, the stuff that makes up the ground is an often overlooked,but a very important part of the Pagan/Magic folk community.

If you are of the set that practices magic, then you see dirt as the cradle in which seeds of potential are sown, you might acquire graveyard dirt in order to compel spirits to help you in your workings, or maybe you’ve dug up the foot-track of someone. Salt is sometimes used on the altar to represent earth, but in many beliefs salt is thought to repel or banish spirits, so if you are looking to commune with spirits, dirt might be a better option. If you have a family home, with land, you can take a small bit of it with you when leaving home for effective safe travels charm or as a way to connect with your ancestors. The easiest way I can think of doing this is by getting a small glass bottle pendant that you can string on a cord for a necklace.

Earth is typically associated with materialism, fertility, and abundance. If you do magic for wealth, I think it’s important to give back to the element. If you make a mojo bag that has elements in it that will not harm the soil or change it’s properties, then after you have received your new job, monetary reward, or whatever you asked for, then I find it appropriate to give it back to the element by burying it. If it has items in that you do not wish to bury or that would be harmful to the soil, then you make an offering to the dirt that will enrich it, such as compost, libation, or perhaps tend give it something to grow.

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  1. Dirt – what I great topic! Such an overlooked, an essential, witchy tool :)

  2. Have any arguments about me submitting this on my twitter?

    1. Not at all.

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